For a limited time and for a limited few here's the video that's 5 years in the making: My first threesome!

Price: $50.00

Sit back, relax and enjoy two videos that are unsurprisingly loud and very nsfw from my date a few weeks back.

Price: $15.00

  Well, I have a new favorite video and I hope it's your new favorite too.There's a bunch of camera angles, great audio and plenty of positions and the usual hot steamy fun and fucking…

Price: $25.00

Another great night in and another great video. This one has a bit of everything all compiled into clips for a total of 25 minutes... I think you'll love it (especially if you like Bob's…

Price: $20.00

  The best way to spend a Thursday night is w/ a friend. Moreso if it's a friend that'll fuck you senseless like mine. The latest video has a bit of everything and is one…

Price: $35.00

Here's an hour long video of my most recent hookup w/ one of my favorites: The Editor Honestly I think this is my favorite video so far. I hope you enjoy watching it as much…

Price: $25.00

Late Night w/ The Ranger [20 minutes] Fly on the Wall w/ The Ranger The Ranger Part 2 [21 minutes] The Ranger Part 3 [13 minutes] Ranger Audio [3 minutes] Lounging in bed BJ Video…

Price: $65.00

Includes: Midas March Madness Another Round with Midas

Price: $45.00

Here's a compilation I made for my husband of his favorite moments I've caught on video. There's a variety of guys, lighting, positions, etc... basically a little bit of everything in this one.

Price: $20.00

There’s been a bit of audio and pics from my past encounters with Midas but nothing quite as hot as this video. We set up the camera on the nightstand (to get a good clear…

Price: $10.00

Here’s a compilation I made for my husband a while back. There’s various guys from various hotwife dates like… the trainer, midas, the ironworker, the bartender, the jock, McDreamy, etc…

Price: $20.00

Putting these DSL to good use and having fun blowing my husband as a way of reconnecting after a date.

Price: $15.00

The always fun 'fly on the wall' vantage point is used here in another night with The Ranger.

Price: $5.00

One of the earlier guys I met up with, also the biggest. Here's a quick & blurry look at me riding his thick 9 inch cock.

Price: $5.00

Although the date didn’t go well the blow job certainly did. Here’s the unedited version.

Price: $8.00

Here’s the long version of my latest date night. There’s a little bit of everything including a facial (though no close up of that).

Price: $24.00

After a bit of a break I finally got a chance to reconnect with Midas. Here's a 20 minute video that shows just why we call him Midas. Also he cums inside me (if you're…

Price: $24.00

Third time's the charm?!? The 1st and 2nd were pretty great too but this time we got some video from a new angle. His POV.

Price: $18.00